Teri Temme Self-Portrait

Welcome!! I am so glad you are here and hope that we can connect soon.

I actively advocate for everyone to do jobs that enhance their natural strengths instead of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. I also encourage you to sculpt your current job as much as possible to be fulfilling and a lifelong journey to excellence instead of the drudgery many endure.

Passion is a requirement. When I can paint a picture of a different life with joy and love, your tribe with start gathering. The ability to see what others cannot yet imagine is a common attribute of great leaders. If you want that kind of passion and leadership in your life contact us today!

I offer business consulting, strengths development, and teaching the entrepreneurial mindset. This includes personal coaching, business planning, strategy, and leadership. An exciting new class: “Your Personal Business Plan” is coming soon.

Additional Services:

Lease Consultant: I can effectively negotiate your next retail space or assist in a current situation.

Focu$trategies: Financial literacy for a firm foundation in lifelong personal financial success.

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