So You Want to Be a Photographer?

Sony Photographer

This week I started classes at Santa Monica College to realize a dream and item on the last list I published. I am going to give Photography a try – not just by taking one class, but taking 4 that really dig into the fundamentals – Lighting, as well as Black & White (this is a darkroom class when on campus), the business of Photography, and a Photojournalist class. This is a big deal. I am jumping in with both feet! I now own more equipment I had never heard of before – my apartment is overflowing with lights, poles, light stands, grips, etc. and the packages keep coming!

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Looking Back, Looking forward by Teri Temme

There is value in acknowledging what you have accomplished. We get so busy “doing” that sometimes we may forget who we are and why we are “doing”. I made a list shortly after I graduated high school in Pennslyvania and moved to California (ten days after graduation), about the things I wanted to accomplish in life, for better or worse, here it is:

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