Looking Back, Looking forward by Teri Temme

Looking Back, Looking forward by Teri Temme

There is value in acknowledging what you have accomplished. We get so busy “doing” that sometimes we may forget who we are and why we are “doing”. I made a list shortly after I graduated high school in Pennslyvania and moved to California (ten days after graduation), about the things I wanted to accomplish in life, for better or worse, here it is:

Experience as much as possible  – I have done well with this one. I have always strived to do as much as possible wherever I lived. I have moved many times so I have had a lot of experience in new areas and finding out as much as possible about those areas and exploring.

See Australia, Europe, Germany, Russia, Hawaii, Alaska – I have been to Hawaii several times, Europe – London and Paris.  I don’t have a lot of interest in traveling right now.  Maybe I will again someday. Germany and Russia were due to my great grandparents being from there, but my 23andme results re-directed those aspirations to see more of France, Britain, and Ireland. I have the itineraries done if I get the travel bug!

Explore Canada – I have been to Niagara Falls in NY, Montreal, and Vancouver through Washington state. I had a great time in Canada when I was young – a band trip in high school – yep, I went to band camp! I played the clarinet.

Go skydiving, race cars, horseback riding, flying, snow skiing, surfing, sailing, jet ski   – I have come close to most of these, snow skiing – I did ALOT, mostly snowboarding, I did surf but it is harder than it looks when you start over 30, sailing – I was a member of the Half Moon Bay Yacht club – I would not ever claim I could sail, but I have been sailing, jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas – I also rode ATV’s there – so much fun! Flying with one of my bosses.  I could have gone horseback riding on the beach in Half Moon Bay when I lived there, but I didn’t – one of those things you don’t do when you are too busy “doing”! I had a buddy to go skydiving with but I didn’t go. Race cars – only my RX7 and it wasn’t on a track so I don’t think it counts – but it was fun! I definitely think I can fit in some horseback riding.

Learn to cook!  This one took longer than all the rest, but a few years ago I ordered the meal delivery service Hello Fresh and a cook was born. I was as shocked as anyone. A year later I became vegan and I absolutely love to cook now – with ingredients I formerly wouldn’t touch! It has been life-changing on so many levels. For a lifelong picky eater, this has been the biggest shocker of the group.

Make money to do all these things!  I have done really well with this one. Thank you malls and restaurants…

Have fun!!! At whatever the cost!! As long as it’s legal!!  Yes.  And yes. I have always said “have fun” and I have always been concerned about following the rules…at least most of them. The first profession I ever was interested in was law enforcement so it fits!

Be happy at whatever I do  – This is a work in progress and provided the meat of the content for my book: “Don’t Be a Jerk, Like Your Work”.

Get into photography – I have over 80,000 photos and started taking classes again at Santa Monica College recently. I am determined to enter and win a photo competition (at least a mention – I don’t need to win the competition).

Not to worry about everything so much – Just live and let live   – I have mastered this and it makes life so much simpler and peaceful.

Not to think so much – do instead   – Wow – still doing this.  Read more than do. This is my Achilles heel – I love to read….

Remember nothing is impossible!  – Awesome reminder to my future self.

I can do anything.  Hell YES!

I am pretty satisfied with my list and feel that it accurately reflects who I was then and also, amazingly accurate to who I am now. Back then, I made the decision to live my life according to the philosophy of not doing anything I couldn’t tell everyone I did. I haven’t been 100%, but really close.

If you would like to explore more of who you are, I would love to start a dialogue with you!

My passion is creating a life that is built on being happy – sometimes it is easier than we think.

I look forward to meeting you virtually or in person soon.

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